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    07 Jul 2017

    PN staff

    122 countries vote in favour of a treaty banning nuclear weapons - Britain refused to participate

    UN negotiations on treaty to ban nuclear weapons, 3 July - ICAN

    New York, 7 July 2017: Negotiations of a new international treaty that bans nuclear weapons concluded at the United Nations today as the treaty was formally adopted by states. The United Kingdom, alongside other nuclear-armed states, has boycotted the negotiations despite government claims to support multilateral disarmament and a world without nuclear weapons.

    'States that are…

    03 Jul 2017

    Kathy Kelly

    Who carries out the works of mercy in the war-torn country of Afghanistan?

    10-year-old Afghan Street Kid Mubasir smiles despite his difficulties.

    10-year-old Afghan Street Kid Mubasir smiles despite his difficulties.

     At an April, 2017 Symposium on Peace in Nashville, TN, Martha Hennessy spoke about central tenets of Maryhouse, a home of hospitality in New York City, where Martha often lives and works. Every day, the community…

    28 Jun 2017

    PN staff

    Blending theatre, art and politics, the Peace History Conferences go from strength to strength

    Michael Mears performs This evil thing

    The Movement for the Abolition of War (MAW), organiser of the series of Peace History Conferences, has a strong and creative relationship with the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London. This works…

    22 Jun 2017

    Milan Rai

    A right-wing British journalist selectively quotes from and distorts an article in an Islamic State magazine, Dabiq, which actually says that IS attacks could be suspended if the west stops its airstrikes, interventions and torture.

    If you want a straightforward example of journalistic dishonesty about terrorism, one clear recent case is provided by right-wing columnist Dominic Lawson in his article, 'Put down the nail bomb - Jeremy wants to talk'.

    Lawson selectively quotes and misrepresents an Islamic State (IS) document which actually contradicts his argument. The article he quotes in fact says that the west could achieve a suspension of IS terror attacks by ending western airstrikes, invasions, occupations, torture and the support of client dictatorships in Muslim-majority nations.


    22 Jun 2017

    Milan Rai

    How the mainstream media self-censored 'revenge' for western foreign policy from their reporting on the Manchester attacks


    In the month since the attack on the Manchester Arena on 22 May, commentators have offered a number of different motivations that could have led a Manchester-born-and-raised 22-year-old to massacre dozens of teenage girls and parents as they left a pop concert.

    While there has been a lot of confident speculation by people who never met Salman Abedi, there is one person who has spoken up who definitely…

    22 Jun 2017

    Milan Rai

    Britain's wars abroad increase the risk of attacks at home: the public knows it, Conservatives know it, and the police and security services know it


    After dozens of civilians are killed by suicide bombing in a large British city, a major opposition politician speaks up linking the atrocity to British foreign policy. There is a short-lived storm of controversy.

    This sequence describes not only the aftermath of the Manchester Arena atrocity on 22 May 2017, but also events after the four suicide bombings that killed 52 people in London on 7 July 2005 (an attack also referred to as '7/7…

    22 Jun 2017

    Milan Rai

    How the British mass media exploded with outrage over Jeremy Corbyn's speech linking terrorism with British foreign policy - and then pretended the speech never happened

    The Haditha massacre, Iraq, 2005

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made an extraordinary speech just days after a suicide bomber killed 22 people, nine of them teenagers, one an eight-year-old, at the end of a pop concert in Manchester on 22 May.

    In his speech on 25 May, Jeremy Corbyn linked the Manchester attack to British foreign policy, breaking a deeply-held taboo in British politics. (The taboo was also broken in the…

    30 May 2017

    PN staff

    Peace News publishes the first full-face photographs of police officer Andy Coles while he was undercover as 'Andy Davey' in the early 1990s. Coles was exposed as a police infiltrator on 12 May 2017 and forced to resign as deputy police and crime commissioner for Cambridgeshire on 15 May

    Undercover police officer Andy Coles marches in Fairford, March 1991

    Today, Peace News is publishing the first full-face photographs of 'Andy Davey', the identity taken by undercover police officer Andy Coles in 1991 when he infiltrated the nonviolent direct action group ARROW. 

    Coles was publicly exposed as a police infiltrator on 12 May, after investigation by the…

    27 May 2017

    PN staff

    On 17 May 2017, Peace News and Housmans Bookshop celebrated the release of Chelsea Manning, along with dozens of her supporters.


    Chelsea Manning is a whistleblower who was working for the US military as a data analyst during the US-led coalition war in Afghanistan. She was sentences to serving 35 years in military prison for leaking classified US government documents to the Wikileaks website, and revealing to the public that the US army, the CIA and Iraqi and Afghan forces…

    19 Apr 2017

    Jon Lockwood

    Jon Lockwood reviews Leon Fleming's recent play

    Leon Fleming's new play concerns a brother and sister growing-up and living in Birmingham trapped in the clutches of an uncaring welfare system. The story is told with flasback scences from their childhood, mixed with the contemporary tale of two people being processed by The System TM and trying to survive. It is a grim tale, but not without moments of comedy, but those bittersweet moments come from the past rather than the relentlessly grim present of our protagonists. Their lives now trapped within the uncaring bureaucracy.

    The play was staged at The Hope Teatre, a 50 seat…

    15 Mar 2017

    Leon Fleming

    Playwright Leon Fleming on the biographical inspiration behind his new play 'Kicked in the Sh*tter' and why he believes that theatre is the greatest medium we have created for dragging thoughts out of a society.

    ImageI’ve written a play, Kicked in the Sh*tter. Sounds a bit grim, but it's pretty funny.

    It is.

    That’s the plug over.

    When I first wrote this play, I had no idea what I was writing. Or why.

    But I soon realised I’d been writing about a world I know well; albeit one so much darker now, than it was when it was mine. The two characters are people I…

    13 Mar 2017

    Ian Sinclair , Robert Jensen

    Ian Sinclair interviews activist and author Robert Jensen about his latest book The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men (Spinifex Press, 2017)

    Ian Sinclair: How does radical feminism differ from other forms of feminism?

    Robert Jensen: First, by radical feminism I mean the understanding that men’s subordination of women is a product of patriarchy and that the ultimate goal of feminism is the end of patriarchy’s gender system, not merely liberal accommodation with the system. Second, radical feminism is central to the larger problem of hierarchy and the domination/subordination dynamics in other arenas of human life; while not sufficient by itself, the end of patriarchy is a necessary…

    08 Mar 2017

    Mads Ryle

    Countries in the Global South have been forced into the large-scale extraction of natural resources (coal, oil, minerals, land) in order to export raw materials. It is corporations based in Europe and North America who generally profit. This 'extractivism' is happening even in Bolivia, where the government once presented itself as the protector of Mother Earth.

    SALT, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.
    At this time of year I am always in Cochabamba, in the middle of Bolivia, in the heart of South America. The first book anyone wanting to understand the structural dynamics of this region's history reads is Eduardo Galeano's

    23 Dec 2016

    PN staff

    A call for banner drops on 20 January, the date of Donald Trump's inauguration (as sent to PN)


    Photo: Fibonacci Blue

    Donald Trump is being sworn in on 20th Jan. Does that make YOU nervous?

    If so - don't just sit on your backside...gather together with like minded people all over the UK!

    Colourful banners baring positive slogans will be hung from bridges across Britain, showing the world that this country stands defiant against…

    09 Dec 2016

    Maddy Ridgley

    A report from the Movement Against War youth delegation to the International Peace Bureau Congress on demilitarisation.


    IPB Congress 2016

    Young delegates stop nuclear missile launch at the IPB Congress!

    From the 30 September – 3 October, MAW Youth (Jen Harrison, Becky Garnault, Maddy Ridgley) plus 2 competition winners (Ella Johnson and Khem Rogaly) attended the International Peace Bureau world congress in Berlin.

    For 4 days we were immersed in fascinating panel discussions…