1 June 2023News

10,000+ march in London

Over 10,000 people took to the streets of Central London on 13 May to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom and justice.

At the Palestine Solidarity Campaign rally, Jeremy Corbyn MP said: ‘For those that think we are going to go away, dream on and think on. We will never give up on the rights of the Palestinian people.’

This came on the last day of an Israeli bombing campaign against Gaza (9 – 13 May) which killed 33 people, including…

2 April 2023News in Brief

David Polden writes: On 27 March, after 11 consecutive weeks of huge demonstrations, and the start of a general strike, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to pause (just for a month) legal changes which threaten the independence of judges, including the supreme court.

Among the demonstrators were military reservists who said they would not volunteer for service if the laws were passed.

Meanwhile, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank there have been…

1 February 2023News

UN General Assembly calls on World Court to rule on legal consequences of Israeli occupation

On 14 January, Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldiers attacked Palestinians protesting against the stealing of Palestinian land in Masafer Yatta by a settler. Masafer Yatta is a community of 12 Palestinian villages to the south of Hebron in the Occupied West Bank.

Witnesses said the soldiers fired tear gas at them and at their homes, suffocating dozens of people, according to the Palestinian WAFA news agency. The soldiers then set up checkpoints on the roads to prevent supporters and…

1 December 2022News

$160m contract withdrawn from arms company targeted by campaigners

Palestine Action (PA) has claimed more successes (including eight acquittals) in its direct action campaign against the British subsidiary of Israel’s largest weapons company, Elbit Systems, which supplies military drones to the Israeli Defence Force for use against Palestinians.

Defence procurement minister Alex Chalk confirmed on 24 November that Elbit Systems UK had been removed from a £160mn contract to deliver crew training for the new Dreadnought-class submarine that is…

1 December 2022News

UK government ditches plans for embassy move

The British embassy in Israel will not be moving to Jerusalem.

During the Conservative party leadership contest in the summer, both Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak expressed support for the move.

While prime minister, Truss ordered a review, but, on 2 November, a spokesperson for Rishi Sunak told the London-based New Arab news site: ‘There are no plans to move the UK embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv.’

The International Centre of Justice for Palestinians had warned in…

1 December 2022News in Brief

On 13 October, 30 Palestinian detainees ended a 19-day hunger strike aimed at the release of all Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli prisons, including those held in detention without charge or trial.

In their statement, the 30 (who had been joined by another 20 prisoners on 9 October) said that they had won the release of ‘the sick and the elderly during the next two months’.

Adameer prisoner support:…

1 December 2022News in Brief

On 4 November, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) reported escalating violence in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem with repeated military raids on Palestinian cities, routine use of excessive force, attacks by Jewish settlers and violations against healthcare workers and facilities.

In mid-October, with the rising tide of Israeli violence and Palestinian resistance, Electronic Intifada wondered: ‘Is Palestine on the brink of a full-scale revolt?’

According to…

1 October 2022News in Brief

On 21 September, British prime minister Liz Truss let it be known she is considering moving the UK embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Israel illegally annexed Palestinian East Jerusalem in 1980 (which it followed by illegally annexing Syria’s Golan Heights in 1981), just as Russia is now annexing Ukrainian territory.

To register your opposition to this official encouragement of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territory, please sign the petition from War on Want (020…

1 October 2022News

Human rights groups labelled 'terrorists'

On 18 August, Israeli troops raided the offices of six Palestinian human rights groups in the occupied West Bank, confiscating computers and other equipment.

The six groups, which Israel labelled terrorist organisations in 2021, were: al-Haq (the West Bank affiliate of the International Commission of Jurists); the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association; the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees; the Union of Agricultural Work Committees; the Bisan Centre for Research…

3 August 2022News

Dissident Israelis held on remand for one month

On 20 June, the British branch of Elbit, Israel’s largest arms company, announced it was closing its offices in Kingsway, Central London.

This was five months after Elbit, which produces 85 percent of the military drones Israel uses for attacks on Palestinian territory, announced the sale of its Elbit Ferranti factory in Oldham.

Both these closures are due to a sustained direct action campaign by Palestine Action (PA). In the case of Elbit’s London offices, they’ve been the…

1 August 2022News

Report highlights differential treatment of Ukraine and Palestine in UK schools

As thousands of Palestinians demonstrated in Gaza and the West Bank against US president Joe Biden’s visit to the Middle East in mid-July, the British Muslim human rights group CAGE released a report on bias in British education: Understanding Ukraine and Palestine solidarity in UK Schools.

In Bethlehem, Palestine, Palestinian journalists turned up to Biden’s press conference with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas wearing T-shirts featuring the face of Shireen Abu Aqleh,…

1 April 2022News

Home raids as more charges dropped

Palestine Action (PA) has organised at least five more actions in the last two months. PA activists have had charges against them dropped – and they’ve also had house raids.

The first action in the latest run came on 24 January, when PA raided the UAV Engines factory in Shenstone, Staffordshire. UAV is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, the Israeli arms company that produces 85 percent of Israel’s military drones, used in attacks on Palestinians in Gaza.

PA activists occupied the…

1 February 2022News

Israeli drone maker sells UK factory as campaigners acquitted in two cases 

Palestine Action (PA), the direct action group, has claimed three recent victories, including winning both of its first two court cases.

On 10 January, the Israeli drone-maker Elbit Systems announced that it had sold off a UK factory which had been disrupted over a long period by PA.

Just 10 days later, three PA activists walked free from Birmingham magistrates court after the crown prosecution service (CPS) dropped charges of criminal damage, aggravated trespass and resisting…

1 December 2021News

£500 raised for olive trees in the West Bank

There were two Palestine solidarity events in Montgomeryshire in September.

On 5 September, the Llanidloes – As Sawiya Friendship Association (LLASFA) held an ‘Oak and Olive’ event at Compton’s Yard Community Gardens in Llanidloes to raise money for olive tree-planting in Palestine. (As Sawiya is a Palestinian town in the middle of the West Bank.)

The sun shone and the beautiful gardens were filled with a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and international friendship.


1 December 2021News in Brief

UK tractor manufacturer JCB breached international human rights guidelines. It failed to carry out human rights checks over the potential use of its equipment in war crimes, the demolition of homes in occupied Palestine.

That was the finding of a government-funded watchdog, the OECD National Contact Point, in November.

Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights found JCB products had been used by Israeli forces in at least 60 out of 266 demolitions in one year: