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Editorial: A khakhi election?

When it comes to not increasing military spending, a large section of the public is open to persuasion

Editorial: Defending democracy

Corporate and financial capture of the state, not peaceful protest, is the real threat to democracy argues Milan Rai

Poynted remarks

Reduce, reuse, recycle?

What else

General election? I'll see you on the doorsteps ...

Diary: 'My nemesis'

'We're becoming a social hub'

Between the cracks

The many worlds of Ursula le Guin

The EU gets even more bellicose

A view from the island of Ireland

Demilitarising France

An interview with a leading figure in the French peace movement

Heddwch ar Waith

Creating an ambitious new peace network

Sarah Guthrie: A PN retrospective

A tribute to PN's late cartoonist, Sarah Guthrie

From a Gaza encampment

Pro-Palestine activists in Scotland have taken a stand outside Holyrood

Andrew Bolton reflects on John Heathershaw's recently published book

Take action to support a Belorussian deserter

Chris Cole and Virigina Moffatt report on their trial