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Only 10 nations - including UK - don't support a ban

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Editorial: ‘Vital interests’ rule

British nuclear weapons are there to protect investors’ interests

Poynted remarks

Our columnist takes aim at angry motorists

What else

'I really am as cross as a bag full of badgers about this nonsense.'

Beyond the barricades

Ambrose Musiyiwa talks to community activist Cecil Gatzmore about the politics of reggae

Radical music: 'Ya Gaza'

'We will break the siege, and we will bring down the wall with patience and steadfastness'


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AJ Muste’s life of activism

Described by some as ‘the American Gandhi’, this lifelong activist was called ‘the Number One US Pacifist’ by Time magazine in 1939

Three days of the candour

At the Journal of Peace and Nonviolence peace research workshop

Roy's PN photos

A selection of photos by Roy St Pierre

Muste and revolutionary nonviolence

The foremost task of someone committed to nonviolence is ‘to denounce the violence on which the present system is based'

On 15 February, Nicola Sturgeon announced that she was resigning as the leader of the Scottish…

'Sometimes refusing to fight is the bravest and most effective action one can take for peace and…

Those who have an insatiable appetite for war seldom heed the wreckage they have left behind,…