Churchill believed there were two non-atomic ways of bringing about a Japanese surrender

A leading South Korean peace activist sets out some of World Without War’s successes – and the value of international peace gatherings 

Reactions from two major peace groups to the NATO summit  

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Editorial: How to blow up a movement

Andreas Malm's book 'How to blow up a pipeline' - and the film it inspired - are both asking the wrong question, argues Milan Rai

What else

The Tories are making it harder for anyone who isn't part of the Ruling Class to get an education, argues Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Diary: 'It's an exercise in imagining the worst'

Our South Yorkshire-based anarcho-communard turns the risk register on its head

'Mother Country Radicals'

Chris Cole considers a podcast looking at violent resistance to US imperialism in the 1970s

Radical Music: 'Oh bonny Potmore'

'Remember Chipko and embrace the trees.'

Poynted remarks

Have we 'moved beyond judging people for being rich'?

Ukraine sunflower

A poem by Peter Phillips

Barbara Deming

A brief account of the life of an inspiring nonviolent revolutionary

The Bomb defends ‘vital interests’ in the Global South

Join PN in shining a light on shocking UK policies

Propaganda, not history

Milan Rai reviews Serhii Plokhy's book The Russo-Ukrainian War

Eritrea is a highly-militarised state, with at least 18 months' compulsory military service for…

Erica Smith on 'a perfect production' at London's Finborough Theatre