Joining Zoom meetings by telephone

Blog by Milan Rai

Organisers, you should be circulating details of how people can phone into your online events (or at least your phone number).

You can go to a Zoom Meeting by phone if 
(a) the organisers allow this in the settings of the Zoom call and (b) you have a telephone with these two keys: # and *

You will need to get from the organisers the Meeting ID number and the Passcode (password).

1) A few minutes before the meeting is meant to begin, phone Zoom. There are a lot of possible numbers, here’s one:
020 3695 0088.

2) Follow the instructions and enter the Meeting ID, followed by the hash key: #.

3) If you are asked for your Participant ID number, just hit hash: #

4) Next, follow the instructions and enter the meeting’s Passcode, followed by hash: #

5) You should now be able to hear the meeting, and speak to the meeting.

6) You will probably be asked to ‘mute’ yourself, so that people can’t hear noises at your end.
Dial *6 to mute yourself and again *6 to unmute yourself when you want to speak.

7) If you are asked to ‘raise your hand’ (maybe to show you want to speak), dial *9 to raise your hand – and then again to lower it.

NOTE If the Passcode has letters in it, ask for the numbers-only Passcode. The organisers will find this buried lower down in their ‘invite email’ (if they have allowed joining by phone).


Organisers can use a phone, webcam and speaker to add someone into a meeting by phone: