1 February 2015News in Brief

As PN went to press, hopes were rising that Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy might be pardoned by the Egyptian president, general Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

The Egyptian-Canadian journalist has spent a year in prison along with his Al Jazeera colleagues Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed after being convicted of spreading false news and collaborating with the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

After Egypt’s supreme court ruled on 1 January that the three should face a…

2 January 2014Blog

From Egypt and Afghanistan two outlooks on who are our emenies.

Najib, his grandma and Hakim


From Sherif in Egypt

My dear enemy, I kill you with love…

As my mind was growing, by reading and opening my eyes, my enemy took different shapes. At first, I thought he was the guy who beat the teenager pride out of me in a train fight over a girl, but that went by, forgotten and forgiven, leaving no scars, but rather a smile.

Then there was my neighbour on the farm land who was moving the border between us towards…