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Free Mikita!

25 May 2024

Blog by Our House

PN has received this request for letters of support for a Belorussian deserter who did not want to become involved in the Russian war against Ukraine. The text of a draft letter of support is below.


23 May 2024

Dear friends!

'Blood on your hands!' Gaza protest at Downing Street - Court Report

26 Apr 2024

Blog by Chris Cole , Virginia Moffatt

On 25 April our trial for Criminal Damage took place following our arrest on 29 December at Downing Street to protest the UK government’s complicity in the genocide in Gaza. We had poured red poster paint on the gates, and made bloody handprints, held placards and read the names of children killed by Israel and Hamas.

Love Rafah, Love Gaza, Love Peace - Sorry for the people, not the wall

05 Apr 2024

Blog by Rosy Bremer

Sorry For The People Not The Wall
I am sorry for
The people
Not the wall;
The wall is solid
And brick
But people
Are soft
And bleed;
Bleed from BAE bombs
And Elbit
They bleed
And they
People get shot
When they
For food.
The wall
Stands silent;
Indifferent to
A defence we
Cannot breach,
Unlike the everyday,

Hamas ‘mass rape’ claims fall apart

01 Apr 2024

News by PN staff

No evidence group used rape as a weapon of war

Despite claims to the contrary, there is no evidence that Hamas used rape as a weapon of war on 7 October. 

That is the conclusion of months of investigation by Electronic Intifada, the Grayzone, Mondoweiss, YES! and other independent investigators, who have carefully assembled evidence undermining the credibility of key witnesses. They’ve also shown the ‘evidence’ supplied to be very weak. 

UK: two in three support Gaza ceasefire

01 Apr 2024

News by PN staff

Polls show consistent support for end to Israeli assault

Every poll since the beginning of the massacre in Gaza has found that a majority of people in Britain want in an immediate end to Israel’s assault. 

Even if we subtract those who only support a ‘pause’ in the war, we still find that a majority of British people who have an opinion back an immediate, unconditional, permanent ceasefire, as called for by UN agencies and humanitarian NGOs.

The latest poll, conducted on 12 and 13 February, found that two-thirds of British people (66 percent) want Israel to stop its war and call a ceasefire. 

Solidarity with Gaza

01 Apr 2024

News by PN staff

Protests, blockades & direct action

Israel’s brutal war and starvation campaign in Gaza has continued to spark protest across the UK, with large marches and blockades and property damage at arms companies.

In the last two months, the major Gaza-related protests in the UK have been the national ‘Stop the Genocide – Ceasefire Now’ demonstrations in London, involving tens of thousands. The march went to Downing Street on 3 February, to the Israeli embassy in West London on 17 February, and to the US embassy in South London on 9 March.

Christian de-arrested

01 Apr 2024

News by PN staff

'Come back to write another day’

On 13 March, Dr Ray Towey of Catholic Peace Action once again used blessed charcoal to mark the ministry of defence (MoD) in Central London.

He wrote: ‘Trident is Genocide’ and ‘Choose Life Not Terror’ and also drew a cross. Ray was arrested and then de-arrested. ‘Go away and come back to write another day,’ said one of the police officers.

Catholic Peace Action has carried out this ‘Lenten witness’ almost every year since 7 March 1984.

Yemen on a knife edge

01 Apr 2024

News by PN staff

US actions threaten peace process

The fragile peace process in Yemen, which has reduced violence in the country enormously over the last two years, is under pressure. The UN secretary-general’s special envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, told the UN security council on 14 February: ‘Rising regional tensions linked to the war in Gaza, and in particular the military escalation in the Red Sea, are slowing down the pace of the peace efforts in Yemen.’ 

The US is risking a major plank of the peace process by listing the Houthis (who rule two-thirds of the Yemeni people) as terrorists and imposing financial sanctions.

Two day blockade in Bristol

01 Apr 2024

News by PN staff

Arms fair opposed

On 5 and 6 March, Bristol PSC and Bristol Stop the War blockaded the Future Indirect Fires arms fair at the Ashton Gate stadium.

Readers and activists

01 Apr 2024

News by Milan Rai

Join us in Manchester and Edinburgh

In the next few months, we will be organising some readers’/activists’ chats as part of our ‘rethinking PN’ process. These conversations will be about what’s facing the peace movement in the UK, and how PN might be able to help.

Churchill and Hiroshima: a new Peace News briefing

01 Apr 2024

News by PN staff

Order your copies this May!

In May, we will be taking orders for a new four-page A5 PN briefing setting out the facts about Churchill’s belief in 1944 and early 1945 that a Japanese surrender could be gained without an atomic bomb being dropped and without the Allies having to invade Japan (PN 2667). 

Churchill believed by July 1945 that there were two diplomatic tools with a very good chance of ending the Pacific War, especially if combined. 

Editorial: Still for nonviolent anarchism

01 Apr 2024

Comment by Milan Rai

Anarchism is not just 'spontaneity and structurelessness', argues Milan Rai

Back in the 1970s, Peace News used to advertise itself in the pages of Freedom, the anarchist paper with these words: ‘“Peace News” – the other anarchist weekly.... “Peace News” for the theory and practice of nonviolent anarchism.’

Freedom no longer exists as a printed paper, sadly – that disappeared 10 years ago – but its online version continues to carry reports of anarchist action around the world.