Conspiracy theories

1 December 2011Letter

It is with regret that I have cancelled my subscription to Peace News after many years. This is because of your blind acceptance that 9/11 was carried out by so-called al-Qaeda, as stated as fact in your front page article in the September edition.

There is plenty of evidence to the contrary, and suggesting that it was an ìinside jobî, and I urge you to consider this evidence rather than buy the US version of events.

3 March 2007Comment

It's taken some time to come to this conclusion, but The Mole is now totally convinced that there's a conspiracy to be uncovered about the story of the collapse of the two World Trade Centre towers in New York in September 2001.

There's a film going the rounds called Loose Change, explaining how the towers were brought down by previously placed explosives, not by the impact of the planes which people think hit them. In a Guardian article recently, Tim Sparke - the producer of that…

1 July 2006Review

Constable and Robinson 2005; ISBN 1 84529 140 9; £8.99

September 11, 2001, is a date that is sure to remain as firmly fixed on the mind of the current generation as certainly as 23 November, 1963 or 6 June, 1944 were for earlier ones. Likewise, the events of 9/11 are just as easy to summarise as those earlier, landmark dates. Four planes were hijacked in US airspace: two were flown into the two towers of New York's World Trade Centre, one was flown into the Pentagon; the fourth crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after a struggle between a…