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PN Staff

Convert Connecticut!

A US state has begun examining the conversion of military industry to socially-useful production.


Scrap Trident

On 15 April, 47 campaigners were arrested as hundreds of people from as far away as New Zealand converged on Faslane naval base, home to the Trident nuclear missile submarine system, 25 miles north of Glasgow.


The economy: a big game

On 15 April, as part of the Global Day of Action Against Military Spending, Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), Pax Christi, War on Want, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and others joined together to take their message to parliament in London.


Thatcher sparks solidarity

One of the most creative responses to the death of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher on 8 April was a website called ‘Don’t Hate, Donate’.



On 10 April, eight activists from Oxford CND, Reading, Croughton and Hampshire closed Tadley gate at Aldermaston AWE (atomic weapons establishment) as part of a year-long ac

Defend the defenders

In April, Britain’s Law Society intervened in the case of Mandira Sharma, a Nepalese human rights lawyer facing persecution as an ‘anti-Maoist dollar mongerer’.

Four years on, a G20 victory

A persistent G20 protester has won compensation for a police assault in London in April 2009.


Jellies mark ‘Wobbly Tuesday’

The tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq on 19 March was marked by peace group Justice Not Vengeance with a 32-pint vegan jelly (topped by a more modest dessert), as a reminder of ‘Wobbly Tues

EDF, police and Shell back off

Activists have been celebrating a brace of victories, from Nottinghamshire to the Arctic.


"The march that shook Blair": new book & speaking tour

New book from Peace News Press to be launched on 10th anniversary of 15 February 2003 march, followed by UK speaking tour.