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'15 February 2003' by Ian Sinclair

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Lockheed Martin HQ exposed by Trident Ploughshares

Nuke maker's AGM disrupted.


The Lucas Aerospace Plan

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Western Sahara

In late September, Spanish solidarity activists persuaded Spanish canning company Jealsa to stop using sardines from the waters of Western Sahara, which


Nepali politics, after six years of 'peace process', seems to be well and truly stuck.

Render unto Caesar

On 19 September, Italy's supreme criminal court, the 'court of cassation', upheld abduction and 'rendition to torture' convictions against 23 Americans, all but one CIA officers.

US internment law

The US government is still allowed legally to detain suspected terrorists indefinitely, after a ruling by the US court of appeals on 2 October.

Kufr Qaddoum arrests

On 20 September, four Palestinian youth, Taka Mohammad, 17, Mohammad Amir, 16, Yosouf Shtaiwi, 20, and Nadir Amer, 23, were arrested by the Israeli security forces ahead of the weekly demonstration

Guantánamo names

On 21 September, the US justice department released the names of 55 men held at the Guantánamo detention centre on Cuba, who have been cleared for release.