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PN Staff

Israel assassinated Hamas leader ‘to avoid ceasefire’

Assassinated Hamas leading was contemplating truce with Israel, says Israeli peace activist.


Newport peace poppies

White poppy wreath laid at British legion's invitation


US drones prisoner

As PN headed to the printers, Brian Terrell was heading to prison for a drone protest at Whiteman air force base on 15 April with Ron Faust and Mark Kenney.

Olympic cyclists

Just 11 of the 182 cyclists arrested in London in July for taking part in a Critical Mass bike ride are facing trial (see PN 2549).

Palestinian strikers

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails continue hunger strikes against their indefinite detention without trial and against their conditions of imprisonment (see ....

Military debts

The Indonesian people pay £50m a year on £300m of debts contracted in past decades to pay for military imports from the UK, according to information released by the British government on 5 November

Pigs in a barrel

In early November, British army surgeons received training in Denmark, by operating on 18 pigs that had been shot by snipers in such a way as to injure their organs but not kill them.

Nepal crisis

Six years of unsatisfactory ‘peace process’ have not delivered a new democratic constitution for Nepal, or a human rights accounting for crimes committed during ten years of brutal civil war.

Western Sahara

In early November, the Moroccan government deported 25 European solidarity activists (21 Spaniards and four Norwegians) from Laayoune in Western Sahara, which has been illegally occupied by Morocco

Prisoners for peace

Hannah Brock, the new WRI worker writes: 1 December marks ‘Prisoners for Peace’ day.