Issue: 2592-2593

April - May 2016


Top Stories


by Peter Salmon

The Pitchford Inquiry into police infiltration gathers steam

Sisters Uncut

by Elisa Haf

The feminists fighting austerity

This is not about Islam

by Milan Rai

Religious belief was not the driver for Brussels, or Paris, or London

PN's editor reflects on the role of training in creating social change


The Palestinian freedom struggle

by David Polden

Bil'in resistance now in twelth year

Arms firm hit by hair spray

by David Polden

Arms protestor fined £450

Heathrow 13 free!

by PN staff

Climate campaigners threatened with jail receive suspended sentences

Syrians speak out on the war

by Lisa Cumming

Lisa Cumming reports on the West Yorkshire Nonviolent Network's event 'How will peace be built in Syria?'

MoD faces war crimes charges

by Lotte Reimer

Knighton residents to initiate private prosecution of Defence minister over Trident

Nukewatch stop bomb convoy

by PN staff

One-man blockade halts warhead

Greenpeace fracks Westminster

by PN staff

Campaigners bring drilling rig to Westminster

Many Berrigans!

by PN staff

Air base blockade marks death of life-long peacemaker


The militarisation of the EU

by Chris Venables

Chris Venables details militarism's corruption of the European project

No to arms fair

by Wendy Lewis

Welsh campaigners target Cardiff Arms Fair

Stop Trident!

by Harry Rogers

Welsh campaigners join 60,000+ strong anti-Trident demo

Slow walk to victory

by PN staff

Cases dropped against 20 anti-fracking protestors


Undercovers on the run

by Peter Salmon

Key highlights of the last four months

The truth about Trident

by Tim Wallis

An excerpt from a new book on one of the biggest issues facing us

Echo Hall

by Virginia Moffatt

New novel poses question: 'is conflict always inevitable?'

As they destroy

by Andrea Needham

An environmental campaigner reflects

Taking my first steps into resistance

by Andrea Needham

An excerpt from a brilliant new direct action memoir

Turning a teenage casualty into a war hero

by Rupert Gude

100 years on from the battle of Jutland, exposing war propaganda

Peace News Summer Camp: 28 July - 1 August

by Summer Camp folk

Relax, reflect, reconnect, re-energise!


30 years ago: Nuclear bills – no thanks

by Albert Beale

For many years, PN played a central role in British opposition to nuclear power generation, especially because it combined a political with a technical critique of the nuclear industry. It also, as over many issues, provided ‘nuts and bolts’ advice for campaigners. Here, PN co-editor Linda Peirson gives some tips.

Activism and ... Eggs


'One or two won't hurt'

Diary: Crime & punishment

by Ali Tamlit

Ali Tamlit reflects on his experience as one of the Heathrow 13

Women singing out

by Penny Stone

We can't all speak at once, but we can all sing together

Peaceful disturbance

by Jeff Cloves

Free speech and speakers corner

The peacefulness of the EU

by Europe for Peace

The EU has transformed 'the most violent continent in history', argues Europe for Peace

Brexit and movements for peace and justice

by Natalie Shanklin

How will the outcome of the EU referendum affect war and peace issues?

Cartoons etc

Almost ... by SEG

Roouminations by Donald Rooum