The peacefulness of the EU

IssueApril - May 2016
Feature by Europe for Peace

The European Union was founded after the Second World War on the idea that countries who trade with each other do not go to war with each other.

Now, Europe is peaceful and we need to remember how novel that is, why it is an achievement and, most importantly, what led to it being so normal that we don’t even question it any more.

Little-known fact: Europe was the most violent continent in history. It is thanks to the shared economic and political interests institutionalised through the EU by which Europe cancelled out the tensions that once would have triggered conflict.

The Union provides a vested interest and means to solve conflict peacefully through political debate and dialogue.

It provides support for member countries in mitigating the factors that lead to war; such as poverty, corruption and abuse of human rights.

It creates multiculturalism, diversity and a shared European identity – qualities which promote peace and friendship.

Peace and prosperity go hand in hand – we need diplomacy and cooperation for a prosperous society, and as a union we are now better able to trade, build relations and compete with the biggest and fastest-growing world economies.

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