Activism and ... Eggs

IssueApril - May 2016

I think activism for me means acting in accordance with my own values and trying to live my own values.

For some years of my life I was vegan, and I’m not now, and eggs is still something I’m not sure around the ethics of.

I try to buy organic free range eggs or preferable from a local farm that I know.

Eggs also makes me think of Easter, a time of fertility and spring and hope.

- Woman, Colchester

Erm.... Well, I suppose eggs and Easter is about hope and rebirth, so I suppose I’d say the help activism can bring about, with Greece and the migrant crisis, a lot of the work activists are doing is amazing and much more than what the established NGOs are doing. People going and setting up tents, cooking food, people giving up a month of their time to help refugees, that’s a very hopeful sign.

- Woman, London

I’m so not in the zone! (Laughs.) I’m on holiday with my nephew! I can’t muster anything.

- Woman, Highlands

Eggs! Okay, so what do I have do to? ‘Activism and eggs....’ Oh my God. I guess, contraception? In a kind of sort of feminist way.

Oh my God, this is my train! I can still do it, hold on.

I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about witches. Creation. I’ve been thinking about how when [goes into tunnel].

[Texts] Channelling, sublimating sexual energy into different creative acts, the birth of a different kind of child...

- Woman, Lewes

Oh wow. Is it anonymous? We have five rescued chickens.... Everybody is going to know this is me. Some people who’re vegans really love animals. I’m the kind of vegan who doesn’t really like feeding animals, but I respect the consensus process.

We have these five rescued chickens and one of them is called ‘Queen Elizabeth’.

Now, I am not a citizen because to become a citizen you have to swear allegiance to the queen. The arrival of ‘Queen Elizabeth’ has opened up the possibility that I could swear allegiance... to the chicken.

But there is a technicality. We would have to get another chicken so that I could swear allegiance to ‘Queen Elizabeth II’, and become a citizen of the UK!

- Woman, Liverpool

Wow! (Laughs) Activism... just say whatever comes into my mind? Consciousness, being conscious of why we’re doing what we’re doing. And also that everyone with consciousness can be active in the world.

Oh, gosh. Eggs. ‘Never trust a man with egg on his face.’ I think that’s the right phrase. (Laughs)

- Woman, Tunbridge Wells

We had a protest camp in Parliament Square when Blair was leaving [power] and the police came to check if we had things to throw at his car as he drove past.

I said: ‘We’re not those kinds of protesters, but if you want to search, go ahead.’ And it turned out that, in one tent, a woman, who wasn’t there at the time they were searching, was keeping a lot of eggs – to throw at Tony Blair’s car!

The police took the eggs, but not all of them. One of the police said as he left: ‘One or two won’t hurt.’

- Man, Hastings

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