Issue: 2659

April - May 2022


Top Stories

Disruption is not enough

by Gabriel Carlyle

There are big question marks over Roger Hallam’s latest strategy – and over his climate science claims

Britain helps Saudi Arabia commit the same crimes it (rightly) punishes Russia for

by PN staff

A comparison of the wars in Ukraine and Yemen - and the west's response

How the West paved the way for Russia’s nuclear threats over Ukraine

by Milan Rai

Western commentators who rush to condemn Putin’s nuclear madness would do well to remember Western nuclear madness of the past, argues Milan Rai

It's past time to ban the use of nuclear threats, argues Milan Rai


Yemen is ‘a true hell on earth’

by Milan Rai

We need to work for peace in Ukraine – and  recognise our greater moral responsibility for peace in Yemen

Sanctions that prolong war?

by Milan Rai

Punishment sanctions actually reduce Russia’s incentive to end its war, argues Milan Rai

Russians resist war

by PN staff

Over 15,000 arrested for anti-war protests

Tell Biden not to steal from the Afghan people!

by PN staff

US peace group calls for economic recovery, not aid

Students strike again!

by PN staff

Global action for climate draws 330,000


by David Polden

New group targets missile maker

Anti-war divisions over NATO

by PN staff

New anti-war statement omits NATO


Refugees unwelcome?

by David Polden

UK government presses on with plans to criminalise asylum

Riot charges for protesters

by David Polden

MPs criticise police for 'misleading' enquiry

Coppers come a cropper

by David Polden

Report finds culture of racism, misogyny and homophobia among Met police 

Insulate Britain in prison

by David Polden

Over 260 charges brought after five jailed

Our new website!

by PN staff

Making every pixel count ...

More Palestine Action

by David Polden

Home raids as more charges dropped

How we hold space

by Muzammal Hussain

Eco-Muslims gather with the Zapatistas


US hypocrisy: Western Sahara vs Ukraine

by Democracy Now!

A Democracy Now! interview with Stephen Zunes on 21 March

Ukraine: A British pacifist responds

by Symon Hill

People on the streets are pointing the way out of war, says Symon Hill

‘It’s better to go to jail than to be a murderer!’

by PN staff

Russians speak out against the war

Ukrainians resist war

by PN staff

Unarmed demonstrators drive Russian troops from city

Water Tower in Vladimir

by A. Savin

Celebrating Russian culture as we oppose the criminality of the Russian state.

War is a crime

by Yurii Sheliazhenko

Statements from Ukrainian pacifist Yurii Sheliazhenko



Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Our columnist takes aim at 'whataboutery'

What else

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Rebecca Elson-Watkins celebrates the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre

Diary: 'Co-operation makes it happen!'

by Cath

Our Leeds cooperator puts her trust in the joyful anti-authoritarians!

Beyond the barricades

by Ambrose Musiyiwa

Ambrose Musiyiwa exposes the racism directed at Africans and other people of colour trying to flee Ukraine

Radical music: 'Poost Vsegda Boodyet Solnste'

by Penny Stone

'It is banned in Russia, and you can be fined for singing it. Such is the danger of song.'

What is the invisible man hiding?

by Andrea Needham

How to hold a destructive quango to account – part two in a series

Cartoons etc

Mine by Anna Winstanley

Telford by Tony Telford