PN must evolve

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May I suggest Peace News amend its focus towards ‘transition’ and away from ‘revolution’? The former is likely to involve no violence at all and relies on informed thought and practice, while the latter is a sudden wrench leaving no time for a prepared pacifism to be emplaced within society.

The banner for the PN magazine would therefore read ‘Peace News, for nonviolent transition’.

In peace,

Paul Davies, Norwich

PN pettiness

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As a relatively new subscriber to Peace News, it is with great sadness that I witness an underlying contempt for the founders of Extinction Rebellion and its offshoots, that I find palpable in many articles; it belies the belief that there is more that unites us than divides us as human beings (a revelation that is equally painful).

The words ‘pettiness’ and ‘humility’ come to mind, but in what order I know not for the future is with the young in whose numbers I don’t count.

I do know that provoking new ideas amongst the dogmatic causes consternation and reaction; so the ‘Left’ unsettles the ‘Right’, the ‘Freethinker’ upsets the ‘Conformist’.

Ever has it been and always should it be. There is no guarantee of remaining in a comfort zone of existence; such is evolution if another, better world is to be possible.

Yours in peace,

Malcolm Searle, Bury St Edmunds

Editor's response:

Thank you, Malcolm. I don’t think our problem in the past has been with XR’s new ideas but with the climate science exaggerations and the faulty strategy that often came along with them. – ed