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Brexit bemusement

Responses to PN's peace group Brexit questionnaire.


Editorial: Skilling up for Brexit

In the years ahead, British activists are going to have to become better at building cross-class, multi-racial movements for change.


Minority report

Gathering considers Brexit impact on UK Celtic languages


I’m a be-Leaver

Malcolm Pittock, Bolton

Brexit: reasons to be cheerful

Let’s use this upsurge of energy to root out racism and classism


40 years ago: European demilitarisation march

Attempts by pacifists to look back at the slaughter of war from an anti-militarist perspective – and official unhappiness at the puncturing of nationalist myths – have a long history.


Activism & ... Europe

My personal earliest memory of Europe is, when I first moved to the UK, one of the reasons was actually to campaign and work against the [US] cruise missiles being stationed in Europe.

Not the best day I have ever had

A passionate Remain supporter writes to his friends about the EU referendum


Acting as if...

Brexit, Scottish independence and Trident – a plan of action


Solidarity rallies after Brexit

Vote spurs action against xenophobia