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Solidarity rallies after Brexit

Vote spurs action against xenophobia


Editorial: Listen!

What should progressive activists (whether Leave or Remain) be doing, post-Brexit? In every area, there are different needs, for sure.

The Personal Column: Eurovision pong contest

Jeff Cloves thrills to the EU referendum campaign


Editorial: If I go, there will be trouble....

How should the peace movement vote in the European Union referendum?


The peacefulness of the EU

The EU has transformed 'the most violent continent in history', argues Europe for Peace


The militarisation of the EU

Chris Venables details militarism's corruption of the European project


Brexit and movements for peace and justice

How will the outcome of the EU referendum affect war and peace issues?


You having a laugh?

Chris Jones, by email

I am writing with regard to your current editorial, ‘How do we stop UKIP?’.

German bomber base closed

US-German air force base blockaded


No more mortgage suicides!

Spain’s social movements struggle for housing justice.