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Anarchist Europe – a view from the outside. Part 1

Rai Ko Ris, A punk band from Nepal, toured Europe last autumn. Frontwoman Sareena Rai describes how the anarchist scene surprised her.


No Borders in Brussels: Becoming a Movement

Dariush Sokolov reports from No Borders' camp


Olá amigos!

In the run-up to the November NATO summit in Lisbon, PN takes a look at the Portuguese peace movement in its first “Looking at Europe” survey.


Bringing the message of the Flemish Peace Institute to Wales

Nelly Maes, president of the Flemish Peace Institute, spoke at the David Davies Memorial Institute (DDMI) in Aberystwyth on 24 February to an audience of students and local people.

EU militarisation

The European Constitution has a range of militarist provisions which could serve to strengthen the already powerful military forces within EU states, and the constitution includes a plan f

Europe returns to making deadly deals with Iraq and Libya

Who are the biggest and most willing purchasers of arms? Tyrants. Why? They need to oppress their own people and to conquer others, to do this one needs the appropriate tools.

Irish neutrality - the battle continues

Even though Ireland remains officially a neutral state, military landings at Shannon Airport in County Clare have nearly tripled in 2004.

A military constitution for the EU?

In July 2003, the European Convention presented a draft European Union Constitution, consisting of 260 pages, divided into four chapters, plus several appendices and additional agreements

Prisoners of conscience

In Finland around 60 young men refuse to participate in military or alternative service every year. Several will go to prison for their principled refusal. Activist group For Mother Earth (FME) campaigns in support of the COs. Katri, from FME, reports.


Italian peace march has notable impact

It is estimated that nearly half million people walked from Perugio to Assisi on 12 October on the traditional peace march which first took place in 1961.