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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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War and peace

Editorial: Tell me lies about the 'great war'

The First World War was not a war for Belgium, it was a war for empire.


The World Is My Country

A series of ten posters, and the stories behind them, celebrating key figures and events from the First World War anti-war movement.

Choosing war

A historian uncovers the truth behind Britain’s rush to war in 1914


The Tribunal

No 2 in Peace News’ ‘The World is my Country’ poster project.


Calling for Peace

The Women's Peace Congress


Film: 'To end all wars' with Adam Hochschild

Adam Hochschild, author of 'To End All Wars' helped us launch the Peace News WW1 project 'The World is My Country' in January 2014 at Friends House in London.

Bodkin v. Bodkin

by Emily Johns. The first in the Peace News poster series celebrating the anti-war movements of the First World War. For the whole story see www.theworldismycountry.info


Mobilising empires for war

During the First World War, the great powers mobilised economic, human and military resources all over the world. They drew fighting men from all over the world into the conflict. They fought battles all over the world. The empires of the day threw their colonies and their colonial subjects into a war for supremacy.


Islington and the czar

A missed opportunity for disarmament


Gatling gun gangsters go global

The European war against the world began long before 1914