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War and peace

Adam Hochschild foregrounds First World War's Opponents in Centenary Year Talk

Renowned US author to give talk on the courageous men and women who opposed the First World War.


Jeremy Scahill, Dirty Wars: The World as a Battlefield

Serpent's Tail, 2013; 688pp; £15.99


Coercion, objection, desertion

Jeff Cloves reflects on desertion's representation in popular music


Don't arrack Syria

New CIA files show US supported Iraqi chemical warfare against Iran


The Lucas Aerospace Plan

This article is only available in the paper version of Peace News.


Wobbly Tuesday

The day that the MoD scrambled to change its invasion plans


Peace Days in Wrexham

Wrexham activists organise a three-day festival of peace.


Sports make peace

A postgraduate course in peacemaking through sport starts this month in Spain at the Open University of Catalonia, supported by the UN cultural body, UNESCO, and FC Barcelona Foundation. 

Editorial: Iran - the wrong lessons from the Cuban missile crisis

Back in June, a former US presidential advisor and Harvard University professor, Graham Allison, described the current confrontation with Iran as '....

Nearly the end of the world

Secrets of the Cuban missile crisis, 50 years on