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War and peace

Building an alternative to military intervention

There are many possibilities forcivilian intervention in conflicts. Today the UN, the OSCE,and even NATO, speak of the importance of civilian personnel in complexpeace-keeping missions.

Can't bomb the world to peace

Howard Clark argues that preparing to intervene in an emergency is no substitute for addressing the roots of war, and that, ultimately, peace depends on the people.


Not enough peacekeepers?

The word at the UN is that there is a “commitment gap” - that is, the world's militarily most powerful countries want to see more military intervention around the world, but are reluctant

From peacekeeping to "peace operations"

Peacekeeping has changed a lot since 1956, when Lester B Pearson--then Canadian Foreign Minister--proposed that the UN send an international force to the Sinai desert to prevent fighting.

Community is the currency

There can be no peace without the unity of humankind and specific structures of inclusive social justice. That thought reflects the mature form of every major religion.

Darfur protests continue

Over the past three months there have been growing protests at the ongoing violence in Darfur.

Diana Francis, 'Rethinking War and Peace'

Pluto Press, 2004. ISBN 0 7453 2167 9; 192pp; price £14.99


Lt Gen Romeo Dallaire, 'Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda'

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Khassan Baiev, 'The Oath: a surgeon under fire'

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War No More

Movement for the Abolition of War 2004. Available from MAW, 11 Venetia Road, London N4 1EJ, Britain; VHS/PAL video and accompanying booklet; running time 14mins; £8 including postage