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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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War and peace

Pat Barker, The RegenerationTrilogy

Read by Peter Firth
Regeneration; 7hr 35m; £22.50 [CD], £7.99 [download]
The Eye in the Door; 6h 41m; £21.50 [CD]
The Ghost Road; 5h 51m; £21.50 [CD])
Chivers Audio Books, 2005/2006; available from www.AudioGo.com


70 years ago: HATE is prescribed, but ­–What is the correct dose?

PN columnist “Owlglass”, one of a number of powerful writers in the paper in the midst of the Second World War, takes a biting approach to both the war mentality in general and the war’s more extreme and barbaric methods.


30 years ago: Opposing the Falklands War

PN was a leading voice in the radical opposition to the Falklands War; though there was plenty of reactionary opposition too – from both ends of the orthodox political spectrum.


30 years ago: Stop This War

PN was naturally a leading voice in the opposition to the Falklands War, both in terms of its own editorial line and in its promoting of the views of the main British pacifist organisations and the international networks to which they were affiliated.


John Tirman, The Death of Others. The Fate of Civilians in America’s Wars

A big book in every sense, The Death of Others looks at the fate of civilians in American wars since 1945 – focussing on the Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Grace Cookall-Greening and Rosalie Huzzard, Labouring for Peace

CAM, 2011; 130pp; £5 from Housmans Bookshop; www.housmans.com or 0207 837 4473



What can we as individuals do to reduce the threat of violence – whether we encounter it in our daily lives, or whether we are concerned about the growing stockpile of nuclear weapons? Alison Whyte highlights some new on-line courses.


Conflict 1

Silk screen by Marilyn Edwards. "This image expresses my feelings of despair about the many conflicts in the world. It was made in 2009: Gaza was neing bombed. The "pieta" emerges from it, an iconic symbol of "suffering."


CND slippage

John Taylor

ImageI have been struck lately by what seems to me mission creep wit

In the pink

Medea Benjamin is probably best known outside the US for her disruption of a series of high-profile events with then-defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld and others. She is co-founder of CODEPINK: Women for Peace. Gabriel Carlyle spoke to her at a meeting of the Drones Campaign Network in Birmingham.