Issue: 2661

August - September 2022


Top Stories

NATO expansion is the problem that it claims to be solving

by Nick Megoran

We need to build a Europe which is a theatre of peace not war, argues Nick Megoran

Bruce's tribe

by Milan Rai

At least a fifth of the UK population has always been unilateralist

General strike?

by Milan Rai

RMT leader calls for general strike if new PM pursues anti-union plans

Johnson was an international criminal, not just a liar, argues Milan Rai


Ainslie’s archive

by Trish Whitham

Unique window into British nuclear decision-making goes online

Get well, Clifford!


Send a card to the anarchist illustrator

SAS executed unarmed Afghan detainees

by PN staff

Whistleblowers say weapons were planted to justify killings

Peace 360 counters NATO 360

by PN staff

30,000 march against military alliance

JSO guerrilla campaign

by David Polden

Gallery protests demand end to new oil extraction 

Assange faces extradition

by David Polden

Human chain action in London planned for 8 October


Unfreeze Afghanistan

by PN staff

19 million Afghans face starvation due to Western theft of country's reserves

UK presses on with Rwanda deportation scheme

by David Polden

Protests and legal challenge to take place on 5 September

Palestine ‘No’, Ukraine ‘Yes’

by PN staff

Report highlights differential treatment of Ukraine and Palestine in UK schools

More success for Palestine Action

by David Polden

Dissident Israelis held on remand for one month

Latest DSEI Ziegler acquittals

by PN staff

Nine walk free after anti-arms fair protest

Italian government falls, partly over Ukraine

by PN staff

Former PM rejects proposed increase in military spending

Police deny heart medication to activist

by PN staff

10-day camp records 'opposition to UK threats of nuclear mass destruction’


Yemen: hope and hunger

by PN staff

Humanitarian crisis set to worsen despite truce, as British arms sales to Saudi Arabia continue

‘Don’t let the nuclear weapon states hold us hostage!’

by Christina Kelly

Christina Kelly reports on the first meeting of states that have ratified the Nuclear Ban Treaty

Yemen: no starvation for oil

by Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly puts the case for a new way forward

ICAN – does the ‘I’ stand for ‘imperialist’?

by Milan Rai

Our campaign to Ban Nuclear Threats continues...

Bruce Kent: On mobilisation

by Bruce Kent

Campaigning wisdom from the heyday of CND, one of Bruce Kent's first pieces in PN

Bruce Kent: As I Please

by Bruce Kent

PN reprints one of Bruce Kent's classic columns

Alverhurst at Marchwood

by Lizzie Jones

Disobedient art by Lizzie Jones

Liz Truss helped derail chances of peace in Ukraine – now she must back negotiations

by Milan Rai

How Johnson and Truss have helped to undermine diplomacy and prolong the war in Ukraine


Obituary: Eric Levy: 29 February 1928 – 20 July 2022

by Emma Sangster

Hard-line communist who vigiled against apartheid and travelled to Iraq as a 'human shield'

Obituary: Roger Moody: 1940s – June 2022

by Mines and Communities

Researcher and activist who spent 40 years holding international mining companies accountable

Obituary: Charlie Kiss: 21 July 1965 – 2 June 2022

by Claire Poyner

Greenham veteran who became the first out trans man to stand for Parliament

Obituary: Bruce Kent: 22 June 1929 – 8 June 2022

by Pat Gaffney

Catholic priest who became chair of CND

What else

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

We need to listen to autistic people, says Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Radical music: 'If we go down, we go down together'

by Penny Stone

'The clocks are turning back now, and everyone must add their voice to the chorus'

Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Our columnist reflects on US gun culture

Diary: 'As if we’re fighting for our lives'

by Cath

Our Leeds co-operator senses a window of opportunity closing

Beyond the barricades

by Ambrose Musiyiwa

Ambrose Musiyiwa speaks to Korrine Sky about the plight of African students who were studying in Ukraine

The birth of Seachangewatch

by Andrea Needham

No 4 in our series about tackling SeaChange, a destructive quango in East Sussex  

Cartoons etc

Banner Hang by Durham Banner Makers

Telford by Tony Telford