Issue: 2606 - 2607

June - July 2017


Top Stories



The PN guide to peace movement guides to the British general election

Let’s talk about class

by PN staff

Meet Betsy Leondar-Wright at this year’s ground-breaking Peace News Summer Camp

Late at night with an undercover

by Emily Johns

A PN worker remembers a narrow escape with a police infiltrator

We can't win radical change just by electing "the right people", argues Milan Rai


Famine threat to millions as Saudi attack on Yemeni port looms

by Milan Rai

Saudis have asked US for permission for devastating assault

Global Climate Action

by PN staff

Over 280 events take place in 45 countries

Chelsea’s free!

by PN staff

PN & friends celebrate release of US whistleblower

Palestinian hunger strike

by David Polden

850 prisoners enter sixth week of hunger strike

The men who said ‘No!’

by Claire Poyner

Mark Rylance joins CO commemoration

It’s a date

by PN staff

'tis the season for activists to appear in court

Hibakusha sail for a nuclear ban

by David Polden

Atom bomb survivors embark on world tour


Muslim activist faces prison for keeping silent

by Milan Rai

Prosecution part of sustained attack on human rights group

After a £10,000 fine, climate activists pledge to fight on

by Kelvin Mason

Court's decision favours corporate power over public interest - campaigners


An evangelical anarchist cop

by Milan Rai

PN's editor recalls his experience of a 'police triple-decker sandwich'

The rise and fall of Phil Shiner

by Ian Sinclair

How a human rights lawyer was destroyed

Occupy 1967!

by Diana Shelley

50 years after the colonels’ coup in Greece

‘People Power: Fighting for Peace’


Andrea Needham reviews the Imperial War Museum's latest exhibition

Bread & Roses


PN Press book makes radical book award shortlist

Case Study: Funafil workers’ 410-day occupation Guatemala, 1987–1988

by Karen Ridd

How striking workers resisted a seven-day work week

Murad Subay

by Murad Subay

Art by the award-winning Yemeni artist


Top tips for running Skype meetings

by PN staff

PN's DIY guide to meeting online

Bruce Kent: As I please

by Bruce Kent

A bit of ecclesiastical direct action, anyone?

The Personal Column: Peace Piece

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves finds repose in Bill Evans' celebrated piano classic

San Ghanny

by Penny Stone

Penny Stone reflects on taking songs and solidarity to Palestine

Diary: Highs and lows

by Ali Tamlit

Ali Tamlit gets up close and personal with the things that hurt the most

Basic Income – left-wing utopia or right-wing trap?

by Milan Rai

Why did the Swiss Green Party vote No in a referendum on UBI last year? 

Cartoons etc

Roouminations by Donald Rooum