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Poyner, Claire


How will Brexit impact the rights of women in the UK?


Claire Poyner

Why is the Trump administration praising women's activism in Iran?


Sticking up for #MeToo

Claire Poyner responds to the backlash


Diary: 'The more a certain behaviour is expected, the easier it is to get away with'

Claire Poyner calls for men to call-out men who call out (at women)


From Holloway to housing

Call for council homes to be built on former prison site


Nikki van der Gaag, NoNonsense Feminism: Why the world still needs the F-word

New Internationalist, 2017; 144pp; £7.99


The men who said ‘No!’

Mark Rylance joins CO commemoration


In the air tonight

Air pollution is personal and political, writes Claire Poyner


Met apologises for undercover relationships

Eight women (and more) ‘emotionally and sexually violated with state approval’


Post-election blues

Network for Peace co-ordinator Claire Poyner reflects on the likely impact of the election on anti-nuclear campaigning