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Foreign Policy

Making Britain ‘Great’ again

The latest military review decoded


This is ‘the true America’

The US has regularly opposed democracy, overthrowing democratically elected leaders it doesn't like, Milan Rai reminds us


The myth of the ‘statue-toppling spree’

British warmongering today is rooted in British history argues Nu'man Abd al-Wahid


More power than we know

It’s time to celebrate how the peace movement has managed to limit British inverventions from Afghanistan to Syria


Assassination at the heart of British foreign policy

The killing of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani in a US drone strike on 3 January has focused attention on the long history of US assassinations. (PN 2638–2639) But alongside that must be placed a similar British history.


Dave Wearing, Anglo Arabia: Why Gulf Wealth Matters to Britain

Polity Press, 2018; 240pp; £15.99


How the Western media support state terror – while millions die

Five academics examine our media's coverage of foreign affairs, in a piece censored (and then rejected) by a leading liberal publication.


Mary Kaldor, Global Security Cultures

Polity, 2018; 224pp; £15.99


An agent of harmony?

What if the next British cabinet contains a minister for peace?


Editorial: On the way to war? Trump takes on China and Iran

Is the US president opening Pandora's box?