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Foreign Policy

Afghanistan: no time-table, no peace

Though barely reported in the mainstream press, evidence continues to mount that US, not Taliban, intransigence is the real barrier to a peace deal to end the war in Afghanistan.


Killing the patient

US officials have secretly advocated that NATO take steps to ramp-up Taliban violence and extremism in Afghanistan, a leaked document has revealed.


Break the Libya stalemate

Milan Rai examines the diplomatic record of peace initiatives over Libya.


Libya and bin Laden

Ray Davis, CND Cymru

ImageYet another war in the Middle East is materialising in front of o

The long game

Britain to stay in Afghanistan after 2014, playing


Brutal amnesties

Given the West’s insistence that Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi face exile and war crimes prosecutions, here’s a quick look at some other toppled dictators (list compiled by Mark Bowery):

Mixed messages

Reports that the Obama administration is about to get serious about peace talks in Afghanistan are belied by plans for long-term bases


Why Britain arms Arab dictators

As we go to press, the British government’s systematic, sustained and deep-rooted support for repressive Arab regimes is being exposed by the wave of grassroots pro-democracy movements in the Middl

Teutates: The Anglo-French Nuclear Treaty

Joanna Bazley examines the Cameron-Sarkozy treaty


The Avoidable War

Even as the current US-led escalation in Afghanistan continues to shut-down the still-live option of a negotiated end to the war, a new report has confirmed that the US blocked Taliban efforts to r