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MacKenzie, David

Nae Nukes

Blockade celebrates global campaign against nuclear weapons


Nae place for nuclear weapons!

A day-by-day account by a Scottish civil society team of the second part of the United Nations negotiations to ban the Bomb


Acting as if...

Brexit, Scottish independence and Trident – a plan of action


Preaching to the converted – or sharing learning with others?

David Mackenzie resists the siren calls of PR and the comfort zone


Angie Zelter (ed), World in Chains – The Impact of Nuclear Weapons and Militarisation

Luath Press, 2014; 192pp; £12.99


YES or NO, Trident must go

David Mackenzie reflects on the peace movement after the Scottish referendum


Disarmament day or dirty deal?

Where does the SNP really stand on Trident?


Scotland and Trident: We must name the crime

The path to UK nuclear disarmament runs through Scotland, argues David MacKenzie


Mixing it

So, we've heard the horror stories: mixed activism—with the men gallivanting about taking heroic action and the women staying on site, or choosing alternative forms of protest. Does mixed activism have to end up replicating patriarchal norms? Two activists from Trident Ploughshares discuss their experience.


"I need to be able to look my grand-children in the eyes"

These days the Faslane machine, as far as can be seen from the outside, goes on as normal.