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Hudson, Marc

2019: How we blew it, again

With the ever-cumulative emissions growing, a climate activist envisions the world two years from now and the lessons that tomorrow can teach today


Obituary: Deyika Nzeribe, 9 August 1966 - 1 January 2017

Marc Hudson and Dr Tanzil Chowdury remember a Pan-Africanist, poet and environmental campaigner


Tanja R. Müller, Legacies of Socialist Solidarity - East Germany in Mozambique

Lexington Books, 2014; 222pp; £51.95


Going in for the skill

A transcript of an oddly-traumatic nonviolent training session


Rob Evans & Paul Lewis, Undercover: The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police

ImageIn historian Timothy Garton Ash’s book The File

The defiant ones

Another staggering work of heart-breaking genius – about activists and academics


A heart-breaking work of staggering genius

Activism and fiction


Kathleen M. Blee, Democracy in the making: How Activist Groups Form

OUP USA, 2012; 224pp; £18.99


Margaret Legum, 'It doesn't have to be like this: Global economics - a new way forward'

Wild Goose Publications, 2003. ISBN 1 901557 76 6; 232pp; £9.99


Kevin Wicker, 'Letters from a Bunker'

A Pen Press Publication, 2004; ISBN 1 904754 75 9; £7.99