Issue: 2658

February - March 2022


Top Stories

How the Colston Four verdict is rooted in the law

by PN staff

PN surveys the legal defences employed by the Colston Four

A Great Homes Upgrade

by Gabriel Carlyle

Can community organising force the government to insulate the UK’s leaky homes?

Solutions for the Ukraine crises

by Milan Rai

How NATO’s broken promises led us to war


International sanctions are starving ordinary Afghans


A historic victory

by Milan Rai

Statue-topplers found ‘not guilty’ by Bristol jury

DLR Eight ‘not guilty’

by David Polden

Juries find climate campaigners 'not guilty' in two trials 

Campaign builds against police bill

by David Polden

Government suffers 14 defeats in the Lords, though anti-Roma laws remain

James Brown released

by David Polden

Blind Paralympian released after 10 weeks and 6 days in jail 

Assange fights extradition

by David Polden

Senior CIA officials discussed kidnapping or killing Wikileaks editor

Executed for peace

by Bruce Kent

Bruce Kent remembers an early martyr in the fight against nuclear weapons


Eight Insulate Britain activists released

by PN staff

Freed IB campaigner promises 'something new' in 2022

Blockades stop lithium mine

by David Polden

100,000 block major Belgrade road 

British-armed strikes in Yemen

by David Polden

5 million on edge of famine as civilian casualties increase 60%

Nuclear blah blah blah

by PN staff

Nuclear weapons states say 'nuclear war can never be won' as they upgrade their arsenals 

At doom’s doorstep

by PN staff

Warning on climate, WMDs and misinformation


How the world appears to China

by PN staff

A revealing map of the world

Pilgrims for  climate justice

by Jonathan Baxter

Jonathan Baxter shares his reflections from a long walk to COP26

Delighted solidarity

by Chris Cole, Andrea Needham, Angie Zelter, Chris Bluemel, Henrietta Cullinan, Daniel Woodhouse

Some other acquitted activists respond to the historic Colston Four verdict

The United Kingdom of... Mull

by Milan Rai

Looking at China-Taiwan from a different angle

Britain’s Nine-Dash hypocrisy

by Milan Rai

What happens if we apply a single standard to international behaviour?


Sowing seeds for the future

by Andrew Rigby

A new book explores the potential of constructive nonviolent action 


Big mistake: you triggered my bullshit radar

by Andrea Needham

Starting a new series: how a brilliant activist has held a secretive quango to account.  

Platinum bond: royals are bad for peace

by Milan Rai

Why abolishing the monarchy matters for the peace movement

Diary: 'Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it'

by Cath

 Our Leeds-based co-operator takes her first step to becoming a communard

Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Our columnist says: stop blaming the victims of male violence

What else

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Rebecca Elson-Watkins puts her rage into words

Beyond the barricades

by Ambrose Musiyiwa

Ambrose Musiyiwa takes a look at a recent compilation from Jesuit Refugee Services

Radical music: 'Senzeni Na?'

by Penny Stone

What point is there in the struggle if not to experience joy together?

Obituary: Joy Mitchell: 1 March 1933 – 23 December 2021

by Joy Lawson

Christian and socialist whose passion was nuclear disarmament

Obituary: Jean-Marie Muller: 21 October 1939 – 18 December 2021

by Marc Morgan

Writer and thinker on nonviolence who influenced Solidarity

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