Issue: 2594-2595

June - July 2016


Top Stories

From rebellious student to radical leader

by Liz Fekete, Milan Rai

Decades of dedication, giving a voice to the voiceless

Vikings draw deep

by George Lakey

How the Scandinavians got it right – and how we can, too

Behind Labour’s ‘antisemitism’ crisis

by Jamie Stern-Weiner, Norman Finkelstein

Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein talks about Naz Shah, Ken Livingstone, and the Nazi Holocaust

How should the peace movement vote in the European Union referendum?


‘Until we win!’ – respecting RAFF

by Kelvin Mason

Kelvin Mason celebrates the Welsh campaigners at the coalface of anti-coal activism

Cardiff arms fair protesters face trial

by PN

Call for support for three trials

Eight acquitted for DSEI arms fair action

by David Polden

Judge says 'clear, credible' evidence of 'criminal wrongdoing' at past arms fairs

Nonviolent towards ourselves?

by Natalie Shanklin

US campaign to hold over 350 events across US and beyond, this September

Signs of life!

by Valerie Flessati

WW1 COs remembered

30,000 take global climate action

by Milan Rai

‘Leave it in the ground’ say anti-coal campaigners


Obituary: George Crabb: 31 December 1924 – 15 May 2016

by Jill Gough

Dedicated peace maker and communist dies at 91

Israel continues to persecute nuclear whistle-blower

by David Polden

Vanunu charged with new "crimes"

Powerful PN-initiated trainings in London

by PN staff

'Direct education' returns to the UK

To remember the first atomic bombings

by Marc Morgan

Marc Morgan surveys anti-nuclear fasts, past and present


Dan says ...

by Daniel Berrigan

Words of wisdom from the late Daniel Berrigan

Considering How: 6

by Sarah Gittins, Emily Johns

Printmaker Sarah Gittens remembers the unnamed partipants who keep the peace movement going

The surprising popularity and effectiveness of nonviolence

by Lisa Cumming

Lisa Cumming reports on three-day seminar on nonviolent resistance at Leeds Beckett University


by PN

Should you come to this year's PN Summer Camp?

Peace News Summer Camp workshops

by PN

PN surveys some of this year's offerings

End coal now!

by Kelvin Mason

Mobilising climate justice, lessons for social movements


80 years ago: Where pacifism is dangerous – war resistance in Europe

by Albert Beale

From the outset, PN carried otherwise little-known information about pacifists and other peace campaigners in other countries. The second issue was no exception.

Diary: Normalising the Unusual

by Sama

Sometimes the journey can be as important as the destination ...

The carrying stream

by Penny Stone

Connecting the threads of past to future through our lives and songs

The Personal Column: Eurovision pong contest

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves thrills to the EU referendum campaign

Obituary: Joan Horrocks: 20 July 1921 – 18 April 2016

by Bruce Kent

Co-founder of Musicians Against Nuclear Arms who raised tens of thousands of pounds for CND

Obituary: Daniel Berrigan: 9 May 1921 — 30 April 2016

by Stephen Hancock

Stephen Hancock remembers one of the 20th century's most inspiring Christian peacemakers

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