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‘Not in our name!’

Wales protests British role in Syria air strikes


Saying no to Syria strikes

Thousands protest British missile attack


March 2017: 1,000 civilians ‘killed by US-led coalition’ in Iraq and Syria

Alleged coalition civilian killings since January outstrip claims against Russia


Peace march from Berlin to Aleppo criticised as ‘colonial’

March reaches Czech Republic but splits over 'revolutionary flag'


Syrians speak out on the war

Lisa Cumming reports on the West Yorkshire Nonviolent Network's event 'How will peace be built in Syria?'


Don't Bomb Syria!

Pictures from 3 demos against UK airstrikes on Syria and further information and actions you can take.


A Syrian refugee’s story

A refugee threatened with deportation tells his story


Uncovering Kobane

International attention has focused recently on Kobani/Kobane, a Syrian Kurdish town on the border with Turkey, besieged by the al-Qa’eda splinter group ISIS (known to opponents by its Arabic acronym ‘Daesh’). Here a well-informed non-pacifist anarchist explains some of the background to the conflict.


Patrick Cockburn, The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising

OR Books, 2014; 150pp; £9. Purchase online here: http://www.orbooks.com/catalog/jihadis-return/


Eight things everyone should know about the Iraq crisis

Ian Sinclair looks beyond the "babbling brook of [mainstream media] bullshit" about the Iraq crisis.