IssueAugust 2014
News by PN staff


At 3pm on 12 July, British peace activists Maria Gallastegui and Simon Moore set out from Gabriel’s Wharf on London’s South Bank, in Rumi, a 16-foot-long ‘Wayfarer’ sailing boat. They are aiming to sail to Beirut, Lebanon.

In their statement, Maria and Simon said: ‘We are going to Lebanon in order to raise awareness and support for the Syrian refugee community and to call for peaceful change within Syria for a just society. We support groups and individuals who are working towards this aim; many within Syria are doing so at great risk to themselves.’

Maria and Simon want to support the grassroots groups in surrounding countries – such as ‘Syrian Eyes’ – which are assisting and empowering Syrian refugee communities. In conjunction with Syrian Eyes, the pair are raising £1,200 for a Syrian refugee children’s community magazine.

Topics: Syria