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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Randle, Michael

Thousands of arrests

What can Extinction Rebellion learn from the experience of the Committee of 100?


Obituary: David McReynolds: 25 October 1929 – 17 August 2018

Renowned peace campaigner who ran for President loved cats and relished controversy


David McReynolds 25 October 1929 – 17 August 2018

This is the longer version of an obituary of the prominent US radical pacifist.


Tom Woodhouse and John Paul Lederach, Adam Curle: Radical Peacemaker

Hawthorn Press, 2016; 256pp; £30


Albert Hunt 31 December 1928 - 21 September 2015

A tribute to Peace News's ground-breaking drama critic 


Marwan Darweish & Andrew Rigby, Popular Protest in Palestine: The Uncertain Future of Unarmed Resistance

Pluto Press, 2015, 211pp, £15


Befriending Commonweal peace library

Michael Randle explores an important Bradford-based cultural resource


Howard Clark: 6 March 1950 – 28 November 2013

Our dear friend and comrade Howard Clark was a mainstay of Peace News since the 1970s and of War Resisters' International (WRI) since the 1980s.


Erica Chenoweth & Maria J Stephan, Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict

Columbia University Press, 2011; 296pp; £20.50


John Arden: 26 October 1930 – 28 March 2012

Michael Randle on the playwright and Peace News supporter John Arden who died aged 82 last month.