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Polden, David

Free speech fettered

Israeli Palestinian MP deported from UK.


Iraq deportation blockaded

Action taken at detention centres.


Around Britain

Remember and resist


Devonport blockaders’ victory

Five anti-Trident activists acquitted after prosecution fails to make adequate case.


The Palestinian Spring?

Tunisia, Egypt ... Palestine?


New Gaza flotilla

A new “Freedom Flotilla 2 – Stay Human” aid convoy is being assembled for another attempt to break the siege of Gaza.


Irish police forced to apologise for “rape” joke

The Irish environmental group “Shell to Sea” has published a video in which a police sergeant suggests to another Garda (Irish police officer) that they should say to an arrested protester: “Give m

Kettling in court

On 14 April, the high court ruled that police acted illegally when they cordoned (“kettled”) Climate Camp protesters in Bishopsgate, London, at the G20 protest on 1 April 2009.

Shannon conviction overturned

Irish peace activist Mary Kelly has won a six-year struggle to overturn a conviction for a $1m action against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.


UK boat to join Gaza convoy

Departing in May, a boat carrying a contingent from Britain will join a convoy from 20 countries to the besieged people of Gaza.