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Polden, David

Shannon conviction overturned

Irish peace activist Mary Kelly has won a six-year struggle to overturn a conviction for a $1m action against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.


85,000 rise in Wisconsin

On 10 March, in the teeth of mass political opposition, Wisconsin’s Republican-dominated state assembly passed the governor’s bill to repeal most collective bargaining by public employee unions, af

Loss of control?

In the counter-terrorism review announced on 25 January, the British government proposes replacing “control orders”, found by the courts to contravene human rights legislation, with a modified syst

Before the flood

Stop Nuclear Power protesters, disguised as fish, locked themselves together across the entrance to Sizewell nuclear power station on 2 February.

Castor: 50,000 block nuclear waste train

Over 50,000 protesters mobilised to delay the twelfth annual transport of highly-radioactive material (123 tonnes in 11 carriages) from La Hague, France, to storage at Gorleben, Germany, in early N


We learned in November that Parliament Square peace protester Brian Haw was taken into hospital on 23 September with breathing difficulties. Tests showed a tumour.

Jewish yacht to Gaza stopped by force

The latest attempt to break the Israeli siege of Gaza was organised by Jewish groups using a Jewish-crewed catamaran.

Going beserk for Bezeq

Part of the British “boycott, divestment and sanctions” (BDS) for Palestine movement attended the British Olympic ball on 24 September, to put pressure on the ball’s sponsor, BT, to cut its ties wi

Hammertime in Brighton

A mass siege of the EDO arms factory in Brighton took place on 13 October.

CND Parliament Square vigil: police back down

Attempts by the police to halt a London CND anti-Trident vigil in Parliament Square on the first Tuesday of each month have been overturned.