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Polden, David

Sizewell blockaded for democracy

At 6.40am on 22 February, anti-nuclear power activists from the recently-formed “People Power not Nuclear Power Coalition” began a blockade of Sizewell nuclear power station.

Democracy's banners

On 27 January, activists interrupted representatives of the nuclear industry giving evidence to the energy and climate change parliamentary select committee.

Free Gaza! Free Egypt!

The anniversary of the Israeli assault on Gaza was marked with protests in the Middle East and in Britain.

Stop and search illegalities

The chief constable of Kent, Mike Fuller, admitted in the High Court on 12 January that his police had conducted illegal “stop and searches” on 11-year-old twins, Dave Morris and other activists at

Plane Stupid strikes twice

On 16 June, Manchester Plane Stupid disrupted an airport industry conference using helium balloons reading “Happy Retirement”.

Aldermaston Blockade Four "not guilty"

On 12 November, four of us who “locked-on” across a gate at the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston, during the Big Blockade on 27 October last year were cleared by Reading court of obstructin

Nonviolence in Palestine-Israel


Nonviolently resisting the Israeli occupation

Palestinians, Israelis and international activists continue to resist the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory.

Roll up, roll up

In May and June, five people were up on charges arising from the April 2008 “Carnival Against the Arms Trade” at the EDO-MBM arms factory in Brighton.

G20 mayhem

Several demonstrations were organised to protest at the present state of the world on 1 April, on the eve of the “G20” world leaders’ summit in Docklands, East London.