Israel ‘reneges’ on deal

IssueJuly-August 2012
News by David Polden

In May, 1,600 Palestinian prisoners ended their hunger strike against detention without trial and against abusive treatment, in return for major concessions by the Israeli prison service (see PN 2546).

It seems the prison service is not keeping to the agreement. More than 320 Palestinians remain in indefinite detention without trial; 10 prisoners have had their indefinite detention renewed; some prisoners continue to be held in solitary confinement for prolonged periods; prisoners have not been allowed to resume education; and prisoners from Gaza are still being denied family visits.

One prisoner, Mahmoud Sarsak, a player on the national football team, continued his hunger strike until 18 June, when Israel agreed to release him on 10 July. He had been on hunger strike for over three months, the longest hunger strike ever by a Palestinian prisoner, reportedly losing half his body weight.

Supporters occupied the French football HQ in Paris on 5 June, demanding its governing body support Sarak.