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Unlocking Lovelock?

Gabriel Carlyle casts a sceptical eye over James Lovelock's much-vaunted ideas and independence at the Science Museum


Nant Llesg opencast coalmine protest

'Death of the valley'


Ffos-y-Fran forges forward

Following the controversial Ffos-y-Fran open cast mining in Merthyr Tydfil, the mining conglomerate Miller Argent now push to extend their operations towards Rhymney to open cast at Nant Llesg


Zombie roads rise again in Hastings

Tories resuscitate long-dead road schemes.


Defeat Osborne’s road follies

One of Britain's most effective environmentalists explains how the government's roads programme could be stopped in its tracks at the very beginning.


How green are our valleys? Around and about the fair country

Kelvin Mason surveys the Welsh activist scene


Act Now!

Ignored by the mainstream media (who preferred to concentrate on the Queen's Jubilee), scientists are warning that the Earth could be approaching a catastophic "state shift" leading to mass extinctions.


Climate activists tell Scottish govt: “Get on yer bike!”

Scots call for increased funding for walking and cycling


Plaid Cymru leadership contest: good for Wood

Is Plaid Cymru about to elect "the Caroline Lucas of Wales" as its leader?


UK at the heart of EU! Selling out renewable energy

Jill Evans MEP questions the EU's support for nuclear power