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Bicycology: The bicycle as medium and message

Bicycology is a cycle activism and education collective that formed after the 2005 G8 Bike Ride. Bicycology is run non-hierarchically through regular meetings rotating around the country.

Profile: Chris Tomlinson

I was born in Leigh Park, a council estate just outside Portsmouth, the second-largest housing estate in Europe. I lived there until I was 17.

Green house gas

One statement Noam Chomsky made in his interview in PN's April issue struck me forcibly: “[Iran] is independent and independence is not tolerated [by the United States]”.

Drama as campaigners engage Japanese whalers

Campaigners have been in Antarctic waters in recent weeks, monitoring - and attempting to disrupt - the activities of the Japanese whaling fleet.

Welsh campaigners fight rig plans

On 17 February, around 100 people marched through Aberystwyth in protest against the proposed issuing of DTI licences to explore for oil in conservation areas off the Welsh coast.

Pipes, ash and protests

Waste disposal and pipeline developments seem to be the bane of environmentalists the world over. Permanent damage and destruction of the land follow wherever dumps and terminals are sited.

Mikhail Gorbachev, 'Manifesto for the Earth'

Clairview, 2006; ISBN 1 90557 002 3; 147pp; £8.99


Stansted campaigns in planning victory

Congratulations to local campaigners working to stop the planned Stansted airport expansion.

The rise and rise of the movement against road building

Why is road building back on the agenda after the infamous protests against road building in the 1990s forced a dramatic turn around in government transport policy away from building roads?

Roads and runways everywhere

A lot has changed over the last 15 years.