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Third ship on show

On 14 October, Greenpeace launched its third Rainbow Warrior in Berne-Motzen, Germany.

The Aviation Justice Express

British climate change activists blocked from entering the US


Covanta withdraws from “monster incinerator” scheme










Four jailed for spying on Greenpeace France

EDF employees get fines and prison sentences


Conscious Wales

Diana Marquand, Carmarthenshire, diana.marquand@btinternet.com

In July of this year, following exhibitions in Llangollen and Carmarthen, there was an exhibition of Emily Johns’ prints “Conscious Oil” at the environment centre in Swansea.

Carbon Cycle 2011

Welsh activists take action on transport.


John Stewart. Victory Against All The Odds: The story of how the campaign to stop a third runway at Heathrow was won

HACAN, 2011; 52pp; available from HACAN, 13 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9AU for £5 inc. p&p, or free to download from www.hacan.org.uk


Derek Wall, The No-nonsense Guide to Green politics; Derek Wall, The Rise of the Green Left: Inside the Worldwide Ecosocialist Movement

The No-nonsense Guide to Green politics (New Internationalist, 2010; 144pp; £7.99); The Rise of the Green Left: Inside the Worldwide Ecosocialist Movement. (Pluto Press, 2010; 208pp; £12.99)


Uncivilisation festival

Festival anticipating end of civilisation sells out.


Editorial: Down the Dark Mountain

This issue we carry a report from a participant in this year’s Uncivilisation festival, inspired by the Dark Mountain project and manifesto (see p3).