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Evictions and birthdays for UK road protest sites

For several years campaigners have been working to protect the ancient Sussex woodland at Titnore, just outside Worthing, as a proposed 875 new homes and associated road-widening scheme thr

Make Ant's day - visit Camp Bling

For the past nine months, activists in Southend have been occupying a piece of land scheduled for destruction as part of the #21.5m F5 road scheme.

Worldwide naked protests against oil dependency

On Saturday 10 June, thousands of cyclists around the world participated in the 2006 World Naked Bike Ride.

Earth First! heads for West Wales this summer

Aimed at people who are fed up with barefaced lies from politicians, big business and the media, and who have had enough of a world where corporate profit comes before life and dignity, Ea

Ian Hills , 'The Toxic Toadburger Conspiracy'

Icon Books, 2005: ISBN 1 84046 564 6; £5.99. Author website: http://www.toxictoad.co.uk


Rainforests, soya beans, chickens, two Greenpeaces and repentance?

The Mole is fascinated by some of the strange cults found above ground.

Protest for land and life

At Easter, around 100 protesters visited the Lake Cowal Gold Project inNew South Wales, Australia, in protest at the environmental damage caused by cyanide used in the mining process, and in suppor

Gathering fuel for the fires of war

Warfare has dramatically impacted forests throughout history. Between 2000 and 1200 BC, the ancient Assyrians burned woodlands as a military tactic, as did the Greek and Roman armies.

New Internationalist, 'No-Nonsense Guides to Peace, Green Action and Political Animals'

New Internationalist Publications, 2005; £7 each


Military mums, canny carpenters, and fun with mud

Back in December, The Mole surfaced at London's City Hall - the glass monstrosity near Tower Bridge, home of ex-red Ken Livingstone.