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Reimer, Lotte

Wylfa B dead in the water?

PAWB (People Against Wylfa B) have welcomed the news that the Japanese conglomerate Hitachi have suspended their project to build a nuclear power station at Wylfa, on the north coast of Anglesey.

Nant Llesg victory

'Historic victory' for anti-coal campaign


Greenham march 35 years on

Cardiff event marks peace camp anniversary


From Aberystwyth to Westminster

Welsh anti-nuke campaigners bring direct action to Westminster


Wales for Gaza

Vigils held in support of 'The Great Return March'


Llandudno Holocaust Memorial Day ‘hijack’

Zionist exploitation of event condemned by local council


‘War is Peace’

Welsh event explores Orwellian present


Small is beautiful

Alternative technology festival held in Wales


Solidarity rallies after Brexit

Vote spurs action against xenophobia


MoD faces war crimes charges

Knighton residents to initiate private prosecution of Defence minister over Trident