Issue: 2650 - 2651 (2)

March 2021


Top Stories

This is ‘the true America’

by Milan Rai

The US has regularly opposed democracy, overthrowing democratically elected leaders it doesn't like, Milan Rai reminds us

The power of nonviolent action

by Lisa Fithian

Veteran activist Lisa Fithian reflects on what really threatens the powers that be

‘Constant, sustained direct action’

by Richard Barnard, Huda Ammori, Henrietta Cullinan

An interview with two founder members of Palestine Action

How can white anti-racists stay motivated for the long struggle ahead?


The bomb is banned

by PN staff

On 22 January, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons became law

‘Government broke equalities law’ says equalities watchdog

by David Polden

Home office failed in its legal duties towards black Britons - report

Spycops scandal rumbles on

by David Polden

Are UK police still spying on activists?, asks inquiry head

Court refuses to extradite or release Assange

by David Polden

Wikileaks founder denied bail pending US appeal


Invest in the climate, not combat

by David Polden

Arms company blockaded on anniversary of Paris climate agreement

Anti-HS2 camp cleared

by David Polden

'Beacon of truth' bamboo tower erected in river Colne

‘Death to the enemies!’

by PN staff

Ukrainian journalist and conscientious objector attacked 

What’s the statue of a slave trader worth?

by David Polden

Four charged for toppling Colston statue


Choose to challenge

by Ann Kramer

Ann Kramer reflects on International Women's Days past, present and future

Hold onto your placards

by Nick Dearden

Corporations want trade deals that deregulate and marketise society

‘A woman’s going to send the bombs’

by El Jones

A black woman marks the election of another black woman as vice-president of the US

A generous economics

by Emily Johns

Emily Johns looks at the ideas behind the Artist Support Pledge


Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Our columnist takes on the pandemic conspiracy theorists

What else

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Trump's trial should be used to put the truth about Trumpism before the US people

Diary: 'They know that change is a lifelong journey'

by Cath

Is living in desperately bad material circumstances a pre-requisite for a revolutionary society?, wonders our Leeds cooperator

Radical music: 'we will dance the can-can with our friends at ICAN'

by Penny Stone

Penny Stone celebrates a historic moment in the struggle against nuclear weapons