Corbett, Jessica

Corbett, Jessica

Jessica Corbett

1 November 2013News

Malala Yousafzai takes US President to task over drone strikes

US drone attacks are increasing the risk of terrorism, the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize nominee told US president Barack Obama during a private meeting in the White House in Washington DC on 11 October.

Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, 16, said in a statement released after the meeting that she had thanked the president for supporting education in Pakistan and Afghanistan: ‘I also expressed my concerns that drone attacks are fuelling terrorism. Innocent victims are killed in…

1 November 2013News

Protest forces death merchants into hiding

Activists celebrate their success outside the Savile Club. PHOTO: Stop the Arms Fair

When Stop the Arms Fair activists showed up at the Savile Club in central London at 8am on 8 October, they discovered that a ‘security breakfast briefing’ they were going to protest outside had been moved to a secret location.

The breakfast (cost £72 per attendee) was part of a series organised by the London chamber of commerce with military industry leaders as keynote speakers and arms dealers and…

1 November 2013Feature

Heavy-hearted judge imposes minimum sentence on anti-drone activists

On 7 October, six peace activists were found guilty of criminal damage during a protest at a British drones base, RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire. They were given a conditional discharge for six months, were fined £10 and ordered to pay £75 in court costs.

Defendant Keith Hebden told PN: ‘The judge recognised the validity of our arguments, saying Waddington was a “legitimate target for protest”. The token order to pay £10 in compensation reads to me like an invitation to press…

1 October 2013News

Flurry of actions challenges Europes biggest arms fair

On 10 September, Stop The Arms Fair activists greeted arms dealers arriving at London city airport for the defence and security equipment international arms fair. DSEi was held from 10-13 September at the ExCeL centre in east London. Forced to stand outside the airport, campaigners were allowed to remain on the property as arms dealers left the airport in search of taxis. Several DSEi…

1 October 2013Feature

PN talks to Syrian activists inside the outside the country

A demonstration in the city of Banyas, Syria on the 'day of rage' on 29 April 2011. Photo: Syria Frames of Freedom

Despite the civil war and the threat of US military intervention, the nonviolent movements that began the Syrian uprising continue to struggle for social change – and for a ceasefire.

‘Nonviolent civil resistance started this’, Mohja Kahf of the…

1 October 2013News

Zimbabwe's women beaten testing new government's commitment to free speech

Members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) were arrested and beaten by police for organising marches in Harare, on 19 September, and in Bulawayo on 20 September.

Demonstrators waved placards, sang songs, and presented Zimbabwe’s new government with a list of demands, according to SW Radio Africa. While onlookers applauded the women, police tried to disperse the crowds and injured many protesters with baton strikes.

The marches celebrated the International Day of Peace,…

3 September 2013Blog

Jessica Corbett reports from a recent meeting of anti-arms trade campaigners at City Circle.

On 10 September, DSEi invades London. DSEi, or Defence & Security Equipment International, is the world’s largest international arms trade fair, and is held every two years at the London ExCeL Centre.

One of the most touted arguments in favour of arms production is employment. Companies and politicians constantly make the claim that a reduction in arms development means a loss of jobs.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case, and some alternatives to arms trade…

3 September 2013Blog

Second half of Jessica Corbett's report on City Circle's recent anti-arms trade meeting.

The City Circle held its weekly public meeting at the Abrar House Friday evening, featuring two experts on the international campaign against arms trading.

In less than two weeks, London will play host to the world’s largest international arms trade fair. The city will welcome 30,000 arms dealers and 1,400 exhibitors or companies to the ExCeL Centre for Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEi), which is held here every two years.

But for many Londoners,…