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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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People Power

Ruaridh Arrow, Gene Sharp: How To Start A Revolution

The Big Indy Books, 2020; 366 pp; £14.99


Stopping the Trump coup

US president Donald Trump has been threatening for months to hang onto power by illegal means after the 3 November presidential election. Dozens of organisations are preparing to stop him, and to protect the fabric of US democracy.


1,000 march for ‘Justice Now’

Cardiff campaigners converge to protest systemic injustices




More power than we know

It’s time to celebrate how the peace movement has managed to limit British inverventions from Afghanistan to Syria


The Speech the British Establishment Didn't Want You to Hear

The Inaugural Alternative Claudia Jones Memorial Lecture 2018


Vikings draw deep

How the Scandinavians got it right – and how we can, too


Organising against fracking

Peace News brings together environmental activists for a transatlantic round table


Peace News Round Table: Organising Against Fracking in the UK and the US

Citizens from around the world have demonstrated against powerful governments and industries to say ‘no’ to fracking.

Fracking amazing

Manchesters’ new front line in the struggle against extreme energy


Editorial: Laying Foundations

PN co-editors Milan Rai and Emily Johns examine some of the precedents for the Campaign Nonviolence initiative