Issue: 2608 - 2609

August - September 2017


Top Stories

2019: How we blew it, again

by Marc Hudson

With the ever-cumulative emissions growing, a climate activist envisions the world two years from now and the lessons that tomorrow can teach today

Tips from US working-class activists

by Betsy Leondar-Wright

How can middle-class campaigners become better at cross-class collaboration? An excerpt from the pioneering book Class Matters

Nae place for nuclear weapons!

by Flavia Tudoreanu, David MacKenzie, Janet Fenton, Dagmar Medeiros, Andy Hinton, Amy Christison

A day-by-day account by a Scottish civil society team of the second part of the United Nations negotiations to ban the Bomb

The most effective actions exert power and engage conscience, argues Milan Rai


Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox

by PN

Aberystwyth remembers murdered MP

Fun day out for the family?

by Tony Young

Tony Young visits Wales' 'National Air Show'

Côr Gobaith sing out: ‘Stop arming Israel!’

by Patricia Richards

Radical choir targets HSBC on day of action

Tory attempt to restrict boycotts of Israel ‘unlawful’

by David Polden

Government acted improperly, high court rules

CAAT seeks arms fair re-match

by Jo Lo

Campaigners to appeal high court verdict

The UN bans the Bomb!

by PN

122 nations vote for treaty outlawing nuclear weapons


Minority report

by David Wyn

Gathering considers Brexit impact on UK Celtic languages

I spy...

by David Polden

Independence day protests @ Menwith Hill

Protest, power and change

by Sue Gilmurray

Sue Gilmurray reports on this year's Peace History Conference


Exploring Class: a Peace News Training of Trainers

by PN

NEW DATES 14 –17 June 2018

Life and Death, Amy Corcoran 2017

by Amy Corcoran

Art the Arms Fair aims to make the DSEI arms fair this September the most-talked-about arms fair ever.

Spy Cops: Police drag out inquiry

by Peter Salmon

Evidence to Pichford inquiry unlikely to be heard until mid-2019

Missing Betsy, weaving Zylum

by PN

Come to PN's digital tools dayschool in January 2018!

Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons

by UN nuclear ban conference

The opening sections of a historic agreement

Salman Abedi’s disappearing sister

by Milan Rai

How the mainstream media self-censored ‘revenge for western foreign policy’ from their reporting of the Manchester attacks


Case Study: Bangladesh 2006 – 2014

by Ryan Leitner, Andres Cordero

 Indigenous peoples stop open-cast coal mine  

Salt of the House

by Penny Stone

'In such extreme realities what can we offer but solidarity and song?'

The Personal Column: Wobbly Links

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves reflects on the intertwined histories of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and the US labour movement

Diary: No Happy Endings?

by Nikki No-Nukes

Nikki No-Nukes on her recent trip to Coulport, where the nuclear warheads for Trident submarines are stored and loaded onto missiles.

Bruce Kent: As I please

by Bruce Kent

We need to get our priorities right, argues Bruce Kent

Obituary: Keith Armstrong: 7 April 1950 - 7 May 2017

by Tom Gill

Poet, photographer and disability rights activist

Cartoons etc

Telford by Tony Telford

Roouminations by Donald Rooum