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Missing Betsy, weaving Zylum

Come to PN's digital tools dayschool in January 2018!

We’ve had to postpone a major workshop to June 2018! We’re also organising a digital tools dayschool, ‘Weaving Our Own Web’, in January!

This July and August, Peace News was meant to have been hosting noted author and trainer Betsy Leondar-Wright from the US group, Class Action. We have been big fans of Betsy’s work on class and classism (while recognising that there are differences between class in the US and in the UK). We interviewed Betsy over three issues in 2015–2016 (PN 2586–2587, 2588–2589, 2590–2591), after we’d reviewed her last book, Missing Class: How Seeing Class Cultures Can Strengthen Social Movement Groups back in 2014 (PN 2572–2573).

Betsy was meant to have led a training of trainers for us in August, and Peace News Summer Camp was also going to take the opportunity of her being here to lead some workshops at Camp, the week before.

In the end, unfortunately, a number of factors came together, including Betsy having a family health emergency, and there being key people we wanted to include in the training of trainers who couldn’t make the dates that Betsy had available.

So we’ve had to postpone the Exploring Class training of trainers to 14–17 June 2018! And Kathryn Tulip of the Navigate training collective has stepped in to help with a class and classism workshop at Summer Camp, to be co-facilitated by PN editor, Milan Rai. (He seems to be the only person in the UK who’s been to a Class Action training of trainers.)

Digital skills

Next January, Peace News is holding a dayschool for campaigners, helping us all to increase our abilities with computers and online activism.

This will be three years on from our first ‘Weaving Our Own Web’ event, and will again feature a multi-part ‘I don’t know anything!’ introductory course for people who want to dip their toes into the digital campaigning world.

Next issue, we will explain what’s happening with the PN Zylum project.

If you would like to be kept informed about Exploring Class, please let us know: 020 7278 3344; skillingup@peacenews.info. If there is something you would like to see happen during Weaving Our Own Web, or a workshop you would like to offer, please get in touch with us: 020 7278 3344; zylum@peacenews.info.

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