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I spy...

Independence day protests @ Menwith Hill

Every year on 4 July, US Independence Day, there is an ‘Independence from America’ protest at the Menwith Hill US spy base on the North Yorkshire Moors. The base is run by the US national security agency and is linked to circling satellites gathering political, military and economic information that is fed to the Pentagon in the USA.

This year began with a public reading of ‘The People’s Declaration for Independence FROM America’ and the handing over of a letter to the RAF commander at the base. This was followed by speakers, including the shadow minister for peace and disarmament, Fabian Hamilton, and Maya Evans of Voices for Creative Nonviolence UK. Performers included a choir and Bassa Bassa, described as ‘a jazz dance legend from Leeds’. After food, the event ended with a two-minute silence to remember the victims of military action around the world.

David Polden is the Peace News news editor.

Topics: Anti-war action