Life and Death, Amy Corcoran 2017

IssueAugust - September 2017
Feature by Amy Corcoran
Life & Death by Amy Corcoran, 2017, watercolour and pen. Donated to Art the Arms Fair

Artists can participate by sending in digital images of their work, by donating physical art works for the auction, and by taking part in a mass outdoor art event on 9 September. All art and artists are welcome, from painters to performance artists, and from sculptors to satirists. Come with your canvases, clay and creativity to the site of the fair, the ExCeL Centre in East London, to Art the Arms Fair.

All work produced on 9 September will be taken to a London space to be shown alongside other donated art works for an exhibition coinciding with DSEI (12–15 September). Work will be sold to support the work of Campaign Against Arms Trade.

Topics: Arms trade, Art