Minority report

IssueAugust - September 2017
News by David Wyn

The European Language Equality Network met in Valencia in June for #ELEN2017, a get-together of interested parties from minority languages acting together to create an united voice.

On the top of the agenda was the effect of Brexit on the Celtic languages of the UK, including Welsh, which has recently lost its national newspaper as Y Cymro has ceased publication due to market forces. David Wyn of Cynghrair Cymunedau Cymraeg (the Alliance of Welsh Communities) explained how hate incidents against Welsh speakers have been on the increase ever since the ‘Leave’ campaign turned the narrative into one of immigration rather than economics.

In a positive step, it was decided in the meeting that ELEN members should look to highlight any further incidences of discrimination against minority language speakers and bring them to the attention of the European Union in the hope that equality legislation can be used to its full effect.

Topics: Europe, Culture
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